Everyone has a story and mine starts in the small town in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe called, Mutare.

I was born here to parents who were too Zimbabwean born but then it was called Rhodesia.  If there was a childhood I would recommend, where the sand is between your toes, trees are your climbing frame and the fresh air in your lungs, it would be mine. It wasn’t prefect at all but I was lucky enough to have the wilderness as my playground.  TV games, TV, the indoors was not my thing. There were too many streams to paddle, trees to climb, forts to build, animals to save and survival games to play than be cooped up.

Before my 18th birthday, I moved to UK due to the political unrest in Zimbabwe in 2003. There was a fight for land and times became very tough with limited food and fuel with a constant queue for basic commodities.  This, I did not mind but I was young, wanted to travel and explore the world and learn about new cultures so I decided to leave to pursue my dreams.

A dream I had from being a young girl was to work with wildlife. I became certain I would move to Australia to work with their wildlife but that has not happened as other doors opened but I never say never. Currently I am in year 3 at university studying Wildlife and Practical Conservation Bsc so I am still chasing my childhood dream.

I keep myself busy with work and studying but I do make time for having fun. Painting is a sideline talent of mine, I love travel, scuba diving, cycling, theatre, reading, outdoors and camping and much more.

Blogging is new to me as never thought myself a writer but I wanted to share my journey with you all. Hope you enjoy my stories.